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This books is a free-spirited adaptation of the notorious chapter of the Old Testament dealing with the proverbial age-old questions, concerning the existence of God:


Is he a benevolent father or a relentless punishing monarch? Lot, liberated from the oppression of the preordained concepts of God, realizes that “God is the Son of Fear and not the Father of Fear”, meaning that Man alone creates this image of an avenging God.


Thus, Lot’s soul is liberated and attains spiritual freedom. The central focus of this tragedy is the fierce struggle to the death between Man and God. The word “God”, as it is used by Nikos Kazantzakis in this masterful literary work, carries Kazantzakis’s own evolutionary perception of God: a Natural Force, the élan vital, a vision of an upward spiraling movement, the ever-marching forward spiritual purification of Man and Nature.


This God is not a static symbol of perfection that Man may or may not eventually reach.


This God is not a noun, but a verb. He is a force who advances as the entire universe advances, and is affected by the smallest act of the smallest ant in the cosmos.

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