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Dig! What do you see?" "Men and birds, water and stones."

"Dig deeper! What do you see?"

"Ideas and dreams, fantasies and lightening flashes!"

"Dig deeper! What do you see?"

"I see nothing! A mute Night, as thick as death. It must be death."

"Dig deeper!"

"Ah! I cannot penetrate the dark partition! I hear voices and weeping. I hear the flutter of wings on the other shore."

"Don't weep! Don't weep! They are not on the other shore. The voices, the weeping, and the wings are your own heart."

This book has travelled to over 60 countries and languages of the world. It has been hidden by trembling hands of political prisoners in tiny holes in the walls of their cells saving their lives from madness and despair. It has inspired generations of people and has built cultural bridges between Hellenism and the rest of the countries of our world.

It is no longer illegal to hold this book in your hands; it once was. Read it and recommend it to your loved ones for encouragement, empowerment and truth.

After the first publication of Saviors of God, Nikos Kazantzakis and his publisher, Dimitris Glinos, were arrested and interrogated for its content. The charge was blasphemy. Both were put on trial on June10, 1930 for 'mocking religion'.

"God is in danger", Kazantzakis writes in Saviors of God.  "He is not omnipotent, to expect with confidence that he will spare and save us. He cannot be saved, if we by our struggle do not save Him; we cannot be saved, if He is not saved. Not God will save us; we will save God, by fighting, by creating, by transubstantiating matter into spirit. Our body is a ship that sails on deep blue waters. What is our goal? To be shipwrecked!

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