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One of the bloodiest uprisings of Crete against Ottoman rule, chronicled through the vivid portrayal of daily life in 19th century Herakleion. The Greek super hero Kapetan Michael leads the revolt against a fierce Empire and reminds everyone wars are won.


The heavy penalty of his personal sacrifice must be paid in full when his unconfessed passion for a Turkish harem girl Emine momentarily causes him to deviate from battle. The noble and fearless character of Kapetan Michalis elevates this literary masterpiece to one of the greatest heroic tales of humankind.


Kapetan Michalis, Freedom or Death was adapted for the theater countless times across the world (Europe, Africa, the US, Canada and Australia) and is being currently produced into film.


“This is the secret of Greece; like the legendary bird, it burns, turns to ashes, and from its own ashes it rises up, resurrected. Will not this race ever die, then? Not even discord can wipe it from the face of the Earth? No, it cannot; surely there is something in it that is untold, reneweable, something truly divine.


There is - in this world - a secret law that is sacred and inviolable: if it did not exist, the world would have been lost thousands of years ago: Evil always triumphs in the beginning and is always defeated in the end..”

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