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The true story of one of the greatest warriors who has ever lived, Alexander the Great.  The true story of Macedonia.


“To your inferiors, do not be cruel and tyrannical, but benevolent and kind. To your superiors, do not be fearful and adulatory. And never forget; when facing anyone, you are a free human being.”


In this historical novel, based on the life of Alexander the Great, Nikos Kazantzakis draws his inspiration from a wealth of historical books, in order to bring to life one of the greatest kings who ever lived.


In this book about wars, soldiers and conquests, violence is absent; children and adults alike will find only the pursuit of glory, justice, and true Hellenism. This masterpiece of world literature, which has educated and captured the hearts of Greek children for many generations, Kazantzakis’s insightful pen, manages to pierce through Alexander’s very soul and to reveal to us his multifaceted personality: The king, the soldier, the mystic, the visionary, the horse whisperer, the god, the human, the child, all in the most suspenseful and captivating story about the most glorious warrior of all time, Alexander the Great.

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