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Has the world changed at all after the miracles, the teachings, the Martyrdom and Resurrection of Christ? Is Love doomed to always end up crucified? In a subjugated village, the annual representation of the Holy Passion during Easter, and the tragedy of a community of refugees generate immense existential and social conflicts. This ecumenical masterpiece of world literature was adapted into film, an opera, a theatrical play and a television series which enjoy wide acclaim. This is edition contains an afterword by the publisher Dr Patroclos Stavrou (September 2010), and by f. President of the Court of Appeals, critic and author Thanasis Papathanasopoulos, a review  (1954) by scholar and journalist Aimilios Chourmouzios, and an essay by Associate Professor of Theological School of the University of Athens, Konstantinos I. Mbelezos.

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